Sunscreen System

Safe, functional, eco-friendly, stable, durable, flameproof and design-oriented.

The aesthetic evolution meets energy saving

The sunscreen systems are advanced screening system that ensure considerable energy saving: they enable you to control the flows of light and heat, to regulate the lighting and air conditioning as required.
They are used increasingly in the modern-day building industry and also give the buildings an excellent appearance.

Strong Points

Kronos has developed its own sunscreen system that conforms to the highest architectural standards, from both the technical and aesthetic viewpoints.
The Kronos sunscreen systems guarantee an extremely high intrinsic durability of the product. They require no maintenance and are extremely easy to install.

frangisole kronos

Kronos Tecnica sunscreen systems

  • Give an excellent visual effect
  • Adjust the amount of lighting
  • Help to ensure optimum air conditioning
  • Provide energy savings
  • High durability and no maintenance
  • Convey light as desired into the home

Qualitative tests

Kronos Tecnica has voluntarily decided to subject its sunscreen system to the wind load resistance and impact strength tests in accordance with the UNI EN 1932:2002 and UNI EN 13330:2004 standards.
The tests, carried out by the Giordano Institute, a technical organisation operating in accordance with the Construction Products Directive, were both easily passed.
The tests carried out and assessed in accordance with the UNI EN 13659:2009 standard, indicate that the Kronos sunscreen wall may be classified in Class 6 for wind load resistance, withstanding all the pressure tests without any breakage or deformation.
The impact strength test was also passed in that the sunscreen wall underwent no damage during the shock resistance test and a crack of less than 20 mm during the impact strength test.

Fixed sunscreen systems


Three possible applications
The sunscreen systems whose elements are set at a fixed angle are called “fixed sunscreens”.
The Kronos Tecnica fixed sunscreen systems are designed for three different applications to fully satisfy all the needs of customers and designers.

01 Double slab
If the sunscreen elements are set to 180 degrees, Kronos Tecnica offers to produce the external walls with a double slab so as to guarantee an excellent visual effect both on the outside and on the inside of the building.

02 Single slab
If the angle set is 45 degrees, use can be made of a single slab, which guarantees an excellent visual effect on the visible side, without making the building appear dull.

03 On predetermined structure
If the customer opts for structures supplied by external companies, Kronos Tecnica offers the possibility of covering the structures with its own products made of fine porcelain stoneware so as guarantee high technical and aesthetic performance.

Adjustable sunscreen systems

One technology, two applications
On this type of sunscreen system, the angle of the elements can be adjusted, thus optimising the light and heat flows. The adjustable sunscreen technology proposed by Kronos Tecnica consists of an aluminium frame with a system of specific hooks designed to guarantee excellent mechanical performance. The ceramic slabs, which are available in two solutions, are fixed to them.4_OK

01 Two-sided slabs
The two-sided slabs are designed using the light maxi slabs in the Carrière du Kronos line, by joining two slabs of fine porcelain stoneware, each with a thickness of 6 mm.
The two slabs stick together perfectly, optimising both the technical performance and the visual effect.
The overall thickness obtained will therefore be about 14 mm.LASTRE_CON_RETE

02 Slabs with wire netting
The outer walls can also be designed with a single slab coupled with wire netting to prevent them from caving in.
The fine porcelain stoneware slabs used have a thickness of 10 mm.
The thickness obtained by coupling the slabs with the netting for fixing is about 11 mm.