Bespoke Finishing


Every tile can be customised through various types of special bespoke finishing procedures. These procedures enhance the quality and status of the ceramic product and are ideal for creating unique features of modern, contemporary design, suitable for any style and not restricted to floor and wall coverings alone. There are various types of bespoke finishing procedures, chiefly:


Our products are infull body coloured porcelain stoneware, and the edge (side) of the tile can therefore be finished whenever it is to be left visible.
Edge finishing is a manual process which gives this zone a finish more similar to that of the face of the tile.

edge finishing kronos ceramiche
Various types of finish can be created by this process:
  • Veined Look
  • Polished Look
  • Structured Look
  • Burnt Look
bespoke lettering kronos ceramiche


Bespoke lettering is a custom procedure in which exclusive messages and logos are created in the surface of the tile itself.

The bas-relief inscription is highlighted by the coloured body of the tile, and it can add distinction and uniqueness to any location, regardless of its intended use.

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