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According to the ” European Regulations for Construction Products 305/2011″ it is mandatory, to obtain free product circulation within the countries of the European Union, to place CE marking on all packages of ceramic tile.
This is a declaration of conformity that safeguards consumer safety, without it the product would not be allowed to circulate within the borders of the European Union.

The presence of the CE Marking on the packaging guarantees that Kronos Ceramiche has complied with the series of standards explained below:

  1. The ceramic tiles contained in the package have the characteristics expected based on the ZA attachment from the UNI EN 14411 harmonised standards
  2. Kronos Ceramiche has issued a Declaration of Performance (DoP) where it takes on the responsibility for what has been declared with the CE marking
  3. Kronos Ceramiche is committed to:
    • • keep constant control on factory production quality
    • • complete accurate controls for each new production, or change in raw materials or production processes
    • • periodically verify testing equipment
    • • log all quality control results, keep them and provide them when requested
    • • identify and separate products (raw materials or finished products) that are not compliant based on quality control
    • • correctly train the personnel used in the production and control phases
    • • take the responsibility for the declared characteristics, indicate the field of use for their products and provide instructions for their correct use.

The CE marking therefore represents a guarantee for users that the purchased material has the requisites required by current standards and that they basically remain unchanged for every production lot.

N.B.  The CE marking is a mark that is applied to all tiles, independently from the fact that they may or may not be first choice.

Download the declaration of performance no. Kronos 001

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