Le Reverse


Le Reverse born from the study of a natural element with the aim to discover the dual soul of the stone.
Its ancient aspect given by the consumption generated by trampling over time, is represented by the Antique surface.
From the cut of the stone, the most intimate and hidden part was discovered, revealing a sober refinement, this led to the creation of the Elegance surface.
A most deeply study of the content of the stone has given a third diversification : the Carved surface.
A strongly surface proceeding of the material with its bush hammered aspect has enhanced the structure.
It can be combined with both surfaces Elegance and Antique with anti-slip features.



Elegance Opal

Carved opal

Antique opal

Elegance dune

Carved dune

Antique dune

Elegance Taupe

Carved Taupe

Antique taupe

Elegance Nuit

Carved Nuit

Antique Nuit

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