Terra Crea

Down through the millennia, clay has been the chosen medium for amazing handmade creations, and the study of this fascinating material has led to TERRA CREA, a sensory project that is vital, textural and highly engaging.

The painstaking chromatic study of earthen shades goes hand-in-hand with the expert use of surfaces and structures with pleasing tactile sensations.



Chromatic study draws inspiration from the natural element of earth, creating 5 tones that range from lime white and volcanic pumice black, to loam grey, the warm colour of rope, and finally the energy of brick.






The wide range of structures and surfaces can be used to create spaces with a perfectly coordinated aesthetic, from the restrained finish of the large sizes and the pleasing touch of natural surfaces, to the distinctive textural structure of the 2 cm thickness and Spakko, for a complete tactile experience. 

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