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Innovating through Tradition

We are a company with its roots in a land where the value of the ceramics tradition has become part of the culture of a people.

Ground-breaking design, products’ high technical standards and an innate focus on continuous innovation have been constant throughout our 50 years of history. This has brought us worldwide recognition as supreme representatives of Italian excellence, not only in the sale of indoor and outdoor ceramic floor and wall coverings and pavings but also as a ceramics design company.


Professionalism and craftsmanship at the customer’s service.

Continual research into ceramic products has led us to adopt a new, modern approach to our business partners.The added value we aim to generate lies in the ability to “industrialise ideas”, where the professional or customer is not external to the process but plays an active role in the conception and creativity phases.

A mission unique in the ceramics industry, based on the BESPOKE concept.
With a distinctively Italian tailor-made approach, we set out to decorate space with enthusiasm and passion, creating “made to measure” products that are different every time, enabling everyone to dream of and create their own living-spaces.

We have made this philosophy our own and applied it to the development of products with a strong natural inspiration, to be shaped and personalised to meet any architectural challenge.

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