Le Reverse & Porfido – Stone Project

The careful study of natural stones has allowed us to create two different collections but developed with the same logic: to keep the small imperfections given by the passage of time that becomes an added value.
Kronos embraces the philosophy expressed by WABI-SABI in which every irregularity is synonymous with uniqueness and beauty.

Le Reverse

Le Reverse comes from a deep desire to study the natural elements and brings to light the twofold essence of stone. Its ancestral appearance, ancient and eroded by the passage of time, is interpreted through the Antique surface, while its more intimate and hidden side, only exposed when the slab is cut, reveals an attitude of sober elegance and becomes the Elegance surface. The textural structure of the Carved surface completes the range, available both in 10 mm and in 20 mm.


Kronos continues the research dedicated to the natural elements, it studies the essence of porphyry, traditionally a main feature of outdoor paving, and transforms it into an elegant and sophisticated material also suited for interior use, in three surfaces, natural, lapped and grip.

Le Reverse and Porfido will soon be available on the website, for further details DOWNLOAD PDF  with the most significant images of Cersaie.

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Watch VIDEO with the most significant images of the Wabi Sabi Stand, created with the PORFIDO and LE REVERSE collections.