Raised indoor floor

Raised indoor floors resting on metal structures and consisting of removable modules give the designer absolute freedom in installing systems and excellent performance in terms of sound-absorbency, strength, durability, and ease of maintenance that has no rivals in traditional floors.


The many advantages, both from the creative and the functional point of view, include:
  • it can be laid directly on top of existing floors. The systems present in the gap can be inspected and modified: during renovation works, for example, cables and pipes can be replaced in the gap
  • its versatility and ease of use make the S.K.I. raised floor a tool with an infinite number of applications, even in the most improbable and unusual settings


The S.K.I. raised floor is made up of:
  • fine porcelain stoneware covering
  • structural core


The upper covering is made of fine porcelain stoneware.
Most of the products in the Kronos range are at the disposal of designers. From natural to lapped surfaces, the choice covers a large number of colors and finishes.
The porcelain stoneware is then assembled onto the structural core, the composition of which will depend on the needs of the project.
The slab will then be slightly countersunk and this will facilitate the laying and removal of the raised floor considerably.
In addition, the use of the UNI edge, consisting of a soft polyurethane elastomer with a high chemical stability and abrasion resistance, guarantees effective shock resistance and increases the airtightness and water tightness of the panel. This type of edge guarantees complete uniformity between the outer edges and the internal gaps.


Several different types of structural core are available to meet the needs of the project in which the raised floor is used:
  • Chipboard
  • Calcium sulfate, thickness 30 mm
  • Calcium sulfate, thickness 35 mm
KT also offers the S.K.E. coupled solution as a structural panel for indoor use in two available versions:
  • S.K.E. 15l
  • S.K.E. 20l

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