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The floor and wall coverings and furnishings of a bar or restaurant are the first things clients notice when they walk in.
The choice of tiles for these hospitality locations is therefore a very important factor for establishing a locale’s character, in both functional and aesthetic terms.

Whether it’s a cosy tavern, a cocktail bar, a modern wine bar or a luxury restaurant, this choice is the first step in defining a locale’s personality and creating a unique, individual ambience.


The floor tiles of a bar or restaurant are subjected to constant intensive use.
Kronos porcelain stoneware is a product with outstanding technical characteristics, extremely tough and durable, resistant to scratches and able to withstand heavy traffic, items dropped onto it and daily wear and tear without significant damage or changes to its appearance over time.

Its resistance to UV radiation, temperature changes and adverse weather conditions also makes this product particularly suitable for the outdoor paving of eating-places, in areas such as on-street dining areas, terraces or gardens.

Hygiene and cleaning are fundamental factors for these intended uses.

Unlike natural materials such as wood or stone, porcelain stoneware offers many benefits in terms of hygiene and easy cleaning.
Natural materials certainly have a unique aesthetic appeal, but they may be porous and tend to retain stains, bacteria, mould and odours.
Porcelain stoneware, on the other hand, totally prevents the absorption of liquids and combats the proliferation of undesirable microbes.

This makes porcelain stoneware much simpler to clean than natural materials, with much better results.
Dirt, stains and liquids such as wine, oil or the acids in foods can be removed quickly with a damp cloth or a mild cleaner.

Last but not least, while some natural materials may be damaged by the strong detergents, solvents or acids used for cleaning and sanitisation, porcelain stoneware is immune to even aggressive chemicals, providing a safe, hygienic environment without putting the material’s quality at risk.

Guaranteeing a safe, almost risk-free environment is essential for protecting the health and safety of both the clients and the staff of a bar or restaurant.
The choice of a locale’s floor tiles is crucial when preventing accidents such as slips and falls.

All our products undergo specific tests and certifications to assess their slip resistance.
What’s more, porcelain stoneware is a flame retardant material, which considerably reduces the risk that any fires which occur may spread.

Their stylistic versatility and potential for the creation of bespoke furnishings are significant benefits offered by our products.
Our porcelain stoneware is available in a vast range of colours, finishes, structures and textures, which accurately reproduce their inspiration natural materials.

The wide selection available enables the creation of unique, individual interiors for bars and restaurants, in line with the locale’s specific design needs.

Furthermore, as well as the vast assortment of tiles available, various bespoke furnishing features, such as tables, reception and bar countertops, planters and other customised design items can also be created.

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