Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is historically the place where porcelain stoneware tiles are most often used as floor and wall coverings.
They are the perfect choice for a room which needs to be hygienic and easy to clean with no complicated care procedures.
Bathroom tiles resistant to use in damp and wet locations, immune to time and with antibacterial and antimould properties.

Kronos Ceramiche offers a variety of bathroom tile solutions with high technical standards.
In all cases, there is the capability for designing bespoke furnishings with the same material as for the floor and wall coverings. 


The aesthetic values of all our collections are enhanced by a wide range of porcelain stoneware decorative tiles and mosaics. These decorative features, designed to harmonise with the chosen floor and wall tiles, make your interiors special by giving them depth, elegance and a unique design.

Mosaics and decorative tiles available in the various stone, concrete, wood and metal, looks, exquisitely designed in every tiniest detail. Ideal for covering small areas or entire walls, these many variants ensure a wide, highly versatile choice, with easy adaptation to any style or context.

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