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The Bernini Project² in Turin

Bernini² is an architectural project created in Piazza Bernini² in Turin, a restyling of a 1950s villa designed by the architects from Milan Asnago and Vender and the construction of a new building with eight floors. The design of the work, by the architect Filippo Orlando, is characterised by contemporary lines and combinations of unusual materials, creating a new quality housing alternative for Turin.

Stone-effect stoneware and wood: the perfect combination

The new volumes of the Bernini² project, with open, designed fronts, bring a coherent new style to Turin’s residential architecture scene, using chiaroscuro effects and alternating different materials, such as wood and porcelain stoneware.
The combination of ceramic stone and wood creates a colour effect with a Scandinavian flavour, marking a return to minimalism in which the material appeal of the different surfaces has a fundamental role to play. 

Inside of the villa

The environment is embellished by two elements: Porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings by Kronos, alternating with walnut wood panelling, which also appears on the false ceiling, create a contemporary setting with a Fifties-style ambience.

Inside of the Tower

The lobby of the tower is characterised by a large, striking space, in which the walls are tiled with large porcelain stoneware slabs by Kronos. Natural Koto wood panelling and false ceilings define the entrance, giving it a no-frills, modern look. 

Kronos and ceramics for architecture

Kronos offers a wide range of large-size porcelain stoneware tiles, particularly suitable for bringing an elegant, modern design slant to this type of projects.

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