handbook01Dry-installation onto soft ground

Soft background stands for all those areas never paved as gardens, courtyards, sandy areas, etc…


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Quick water drainage keeping the ground unchanged
  • Ideal where it is not possible to lay permanent flooring
  • Intended use: garden paths, barbecue areas, gazebos, walkways, beach resorts, exhibitions and events
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Lay on grass, zen garden

Lay on grass is quick and easy. It is realized by laying the slabs on the turf or by running a light soil excavation in order to collect the slabs in a first layer of soil, making them more stable.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Quick water drainage keeping the ground unchanged
  • Ideal where it is not possible to lay permanent flooring
  • Intended use: garden paths, barbecue areas, gazebos, walkways, beach resorts, exhibitions and events
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Adhesive Installation

It is ideal for garden and courtyard flooring, since it allows water drainage using special glues.
It is ideal for parking lots and garage ramps, thanks to the high resistance to dynamic and concentrate loads of the ceramic surface.


  • High resistance to dynamic and concentrate loads
  • Ideal for creating a continuity between on foot areas and by car areas, using the same material
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Raised floor


Why choose raised floor?

Solution for every need

handbook09A. Raised floor with fixed height pedestal

The simplest solution to achive a 15mm raised floor from existing soil.

Fixed height pedestal
The fixed height pedestal is available in 3 different versions: EH12 style (h. 12mm), EH15 style (h.15mm) and EH20 style (h.20mm). This support has always been the quickest and cheapest solution for raised floor installation. In case of differences in level or imperfections of slabs, 4 exclusive balancers are provided for an automatic balancing of the paver.
The rubber shim LH3 (3mm thick) is available and suitable for any pedestal to create thickness, if necessary, on top or under the support.

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handbook11B. Raised floor with self-leveling se or nm pedestal

Self-leveling pedestals: they automatically justify slopes to 5%.
Adjustable pedestals: the height can be adjusted using the appropriate regulation key, also at the end of the installation.

B1. SE self-leveling pedestal
The self leveling pedestal SE with a self-leveling head was the first of a long series of raised floor accessories for outdoor. It’s an elevated flooring accessory that combines super technical features and exceptional aesthetic with maximum easiness of installation. SE has come to be recognized as the market’s most exclusive solution to deal with sloping installation surface. In this regard, the product is capable of providing exceptional results thanks to its tilting movement, which is capable of compensating slopes up to 5%. The adjustment is performed using a regulation key, which can be applied from above once the flooring installation is completed and guarantees the precision alignment of the entire floor surface.
This unrivaled product also counts numerous additional advantages, which are enjoyed every day all around the world by architects, builders and installers.


  • Self-leveling head that automatically justify slopes to 5%
  • Adjustable height from 28 to 550 mm once pavement is finished thanks to exclusive regulation key
  • 320 cm2 smooth base support
  • Entirely recyclable
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40° to 120 °C
  • Resistant to acids and ultraviolet deterioration
  • Suitable to any self-supporting outdoor paving system
  • Protect by international PATENT
  • THead with upper part of soft non-slip and anti-noise rubber
  • Tabs easy to remove
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B2. NM new-maxi adjustable pedestal
It boasts a wide range of features that make it perfect for any type of raised flooring applications, including noisereducing rubber ends, a special adjustment wrench, variable heights and a pre-cut base for wall corner cuts.
Featuring an above market average tensile strength and a reliability that can only be offered by experts in the field of raised flooring supports, this product is regularly selected and widely appreciated throughout the building industry worldwide. The adjustment of the slope is carried out using special spacers.


  • Precision adjustment from 25 to 270 mm
  • Possibility of adjusting the height once the floor has been finished, thanks to the exclusive adjustment wrench
  • End with upper part in noise-reducing anti-slip rubber
  • Smooth support base of 320 cm2
  • Resistant to weathering, acids, UV rays and wear and tear
  • Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C
  • Fully recyclable
  • Can be used in conjunction with any outdoor flooring
  • Easily removable tabs
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C. Floor with self-leveling pedestal and aluminium joist

handbook12This system is ideal to lay raised large slabs such as 20×120 and 40×120.
It allows greater stability of flooring without the bending risk of the slabs.

Raised floor with self-leveling pedestal and aluminium joist