METAL&SAND: useful accessories for raised installations.

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This article introduces two useful accessories to cover empty joints in raised outdoor installations.
Two simple tools to improve aesthetics, an easy maintainance and the cleaning of all the raised paving.

METAL Profile

Metal is a joint profile in stainless steel AISI 304, it can b applied in two different ways, to create absolutely original and practical joints for raised paving, always allowing inspection of the lying surface.
Metal inserts between joints resting on the 4mm supports head tabs.

Utilising the Metal profile results in an elegant and refined metallic finish of the joints between the tiles.

Rain Water flows easily throug the holes’ profile

While dirt, dust and leaves are kept at floor level so that they can be easily removed

Prevents wind from entering and litfing tiles


By simply applying pressure, the Sand Rubber joint in rubber is ideal for fitting between the tiles of the raised flooring, to act as a channel for the polymeric sand.
This results in elegant and practical flooring with an aesthetically-pleasing “non-draining sealed joint effect”, so far unheard of in raised paving.

Ensures stagnant water drainage
Due to the bevelling of the tile, water tends to generate a strong surface tension, leading to problematic stagnation.
The polymeric sand used to fill the joints breaks up the surface tension of the stagnation water and thus enables the fluid to flow along the flooring perimeter,

It prevents ice formation
By interrupting the surface tension of stagnant water, it prevents the formation of ice on the tiles during the cold seasons.

With Sand Rubber, creating joints with a grouted effect is simple
Sand Rubber is the exclusive rubber seal designed to accommodate the polymeric sand, creating a simple and rapid sealed joint with a grouted effect, whilst still being removable in order to inspect the substrate.
The installation involves extending the Sand Rubber inside the joints with the hollowed part facing upwards and the apex downwards, with the aid of a Queen support head with two aligned tabs to properly fit into the space to then cradle the underlying Queen supports on the tabs.
Subsequently, the channel created by the Sand Rubber is filled with polymer sand, that is subsequently wetted with cold water to activate its solidification

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