New 2 cm thick sizes

New 2 cm thick sizes
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Kronos Ceramiche adds two new sizes to the SKE 2.0 collection, expanding the offering of outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles in the 2 cm thickness.

26,5x180 cm: the new outdoor wood-look stoneware size

Outdoor wood-look porcelain stoneware in a new size 26.5×180 cm available in the OAK, NUT, SARAWA and SLAVONIA colours.

80x180 cm: outdoor large sizes

New large 80×180 cm outdoor tile size, suitable for pavings and wall coverings, 2 cm thick.

Stone-look porcelain stoneware in NUIT, SILVER WHITE and PORFIDO versions and concrete-look in the PRIMA MATERIA CEMENTO version.

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