Outdoor: tiles for the open air

Exterior tiles design for outdoor pavings and wall coverings

Kronos Ceramiche has always placed the outdoor world at the centre of its corporate strategies.
Over the years we have gained impressive experience in the sector and are recognised as innovators on the market, thanks to both our research into materials with high technical standards and our constant development of new technologies for the application of tiles in the various contexts.


We provide a wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor pavings and wall coverings, with wood, stone and concrete looks, suitable for any location and with bespoke sizes available thanks to the K-LAB design department.

An environment-friendly choice with many benefits in terms of both appearance and technical properties:

Thermal shock resistance
Frost resistance
Fire resistance
Resistant to stains, acid and chemicals
Easy to install
Removable and reusable
Versatile installation. Varius installation methods including pedestal set, grass and gravel
Virtually no maintenance
Resistant to corrosion from salt
Resistant to attack from mould, moss and verdigris treatments
Resistant to florescence and formation of dark halos
Durable: withstands heavy foot and wheel traffic
Easy to clean
Slip resistance
Dry, wet and submerged applications
Hight breaking load
Hypoallergenic. No VOC
Easy to sterlize
Eco-friendly maintenance
Recyclable and ecologic
Colors remains inchanges over time
Available in a broad range of colors/styles
Outdoor application + coordinated indoors + special pieces such as pool edges and steps
Exceptional life cycle-cost = best value

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