Tiles for Garden and Patio

Outdoor Tiles for Garden and Patio

Outdoor design has seen rapid development over the last few years, and gardens are increasingly seen as an extension of the home.
So we are talking about an area for relaxed living, where the garden design content has placed the emphasis on the choice of materials in terms of both looks and functional properties.

Thanks to its characteristics, porcelain stoneware is one of the ideal materials for the design and creation of unique gardens.

Users can choose from stone, wood and concrete looks, depending on their tastes and needs.
Tiles with surfaces technically suitable for the outdoor context, with excellent resistance to weather and thermal shocks.


As well as wall coverings and pavings for outdoor gardens locations can be rendered unique with tables, benches, flower tubs, fountains and many other bespoke outdoor furnishing solutions with unique design.

Kronos Ceramiche offers a variety of solutions with high technical standards.
In all cases, there is the capability for designing bespoke furnishings with the same material as for the pavings and wall coverings.

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