Swimming pool flooring

floor swimming pool

When choosing the materials for a swimming-pool several factors have to be considered before purchase and installation.
Thanks to its characteristics, porcelain stoneware is an ideal solution for locations of this kind.

In terms of appearance an outdoor pool must fit attractively into its surroundings. The choice of colour, for example, is important for the shades reflected by the water.
Another factor that provides a tasteful, elegant context is continuity between the materials of the pool, the pool edges and the surrounding paved areas, possible thanks to the large offering of porcelain stoneware tiles.

Francesco CamelliniChief Technical Officer illustrates the aesthetic and technical characteristics of floor and wall tiles for both public and private swimming-pools and their surrounding areas.

The paving of an outdoor pool must have clearly defined technical characteristics to guarantee safety, durability and convenience.

The paving of a pool must first and foremost be safe.
The material used must be:

  • ANTI-SLIP: to prevent dangerous falls in wet or damp conditions;
  • ATHERMAL:  to prevent burns if the material is directly exposed to the sun;
  • ANTIBACTERIAL AND ANTI-MOULD: to guarantee the health of users.

Swimming-pool tiles must be hard-wearing and durable.
Pavings must be waterproof and weather-resistant.
Materials must be resistant to frost, corrosion, chlorine and the acids used to clean pavings, without loss of their structural and appearance characteristics.

Products must be easy to maintain, install and replace, stain-resistant and easy to clean.


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