Terrace and balcony tiles

paving flooring for terrace

Various factors must be borne in mind when choosing a terrace or balcony paving.

In terms of looks, the product must blend into its surrounding context, ideally in continuity with the nearby materials and natural environment.
Another very important factor for consideration is the terrace’s intended use, and the stress factors it will have to withstand.

Depending on these variables, tiles will have to provide specific  essential technical characteristics, necessary to guarantee safety and wellbeing in their daily use.

Francesco CamelliniChief Technical Officer illustrates the raised installation system developed by Kronos Ceramiche, ideal for the specific characteristics of balconies and terraces. It guarantees safe, convenient use with the same immaculate appearance.

In general the tiles chosen for a terrace must have the following properties:

  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to impacts and foot traffic
  • Able to withstand weights such as tables, seats or flower tubs
  • Immune to time
  • Anti-slip and resistant to thermal shocks
  • Easy to clean with low care requirements
  • If possible, ensuring continuity of appearance between outdoor paving and indoor floor
  • Have low refraction index (light colours) to reduce the heat generated so the surface does not become burning hot

Our tiles guarantee high technical standards and are available in a large number of sizes and a wide range of patternings in the various wood, stone and concrete looks.
A safe, environment-friendly choice with exclusive design and a high degree of customisation.

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