Kronos was set up to work alongside architects and builders throughout the design stage, from ideation to laying and to create solutions personalised to the technical and aesthetic needs of the project.

The solutions proposed by the experts offer professionals in the sector the possibility of interfacing a single supplier, finding both high-quality material and a range of products capable of meeting their every need: raised floors, sunshades, ventilated façades, special pieces and bathroom furniture.

The added-value of a complete project, carried out following an all-round approach: this is the vision of Kronos Ceramiche, taking inspiration from the concept of coordinated surface. It is a thorough pursuit, driven by a concept of harmonious aesthetic.


Kronos has a wide range of collections that allow the customer to choose a single product that has been declined in countless versions for color, size, surface and thickness. An example of this are the SKE 2.0 2 cm, the maxi plates 6 mm, the grip surface R11, vintage machining. Having chosen the product, the customer asks for an approved quote on which a feasibility study is conducted.


On the basis of the products approved in the previous stage, the Kronos Kronos team conducts the feasibility study. This comprises both a technical and an economical assessment. In the first dedicated design architectural solutions and special pieces are proposed to create unique environments matching in every detail. Then, an economic assessment with a detailed description of the special processes is submitted and accepted by the customer.

This stage is the heart of the process, a phase in which the expertise of the Kronos Ceramiche staff is indispensable. The result is ad hoc solutions conforming to the legislation of the destination country, suitable for the intended use, in line with the specifications outlined in the design plan and within the allocated budget.


The complexity of the operations often creates the need to take measurements on site. The Kronos Ceramiche staff is skilled, well-equipped and ready to conduct inspections to make sure that the actual measurements correspond to those indicated in the project and to correct any discrepancies eliminating the risk of errors on the work site.


A Kronos Ceramiche designer produces the working drawings and the laying diagrams.
Once completed, they are sent to the customer who, having checked them carefully, sends them back countersigned to the sender, who fills the production order.


All the special processes are carried out at a specialised laboratory that works exclusively for Kronos and models the stoneware by hand to satisfy the technical specifications of the approved drawings, thus obtaining a fully customised product.


Following the laying diagrams produced ad hoc and, where required, using the accessories supplied by Kronos (e.g. supports, putty etc.), a laying team made up of specialised layers starts its delicate work of art that will lead to the concrete implementation of the project.

The iter then came to the end.

Step 1: choice of material