klab bespoke design

K-LAB is an exclusive service for the bespoke transformation of industrial porcelain stoneware products.

It is able to provide “special” pieces of all kinds: steps, doorsteps, pool edges, shelves, sinks, tables and much, much more.

All pieces can be customised and ordered in bespoke sizes in thicknesses of 6 mm, 1 and 2 cm, for indoor and outdoor use, according to the products in the range.


Bespoke, like a tailored garment.

Kronos has adopted this philosophy to provide the same kind of individual service for the most demanding customers, enabling them to create special pieces to meet their stylistic and architectural needs.

Hand processing makes every work a one-off, rediscovering a historic secret: the value of imperfection.

From design to the technical drawing, towards the finest possible end product.

Kronos Ceramiche offers a genuine answer to any design need thanks to the experience of its design office and the artisan workshop where K-LAB products are created.

Every single piece is processed and checked by skilled hands, to guarantee quality and an immaculate appearance.

Kronos K-LAB: from ceramic surface to bespoke crafted piece.


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