Al Gatto Verde

Modena (Italy)

Al Gatto Verde is a restaurant near Modena, in Emilia Romagna (Italy).
It forms part of the same complex as Casa Maria Luigia, a guesthouse owned by chef Massimo Bottura.

The restaurant, created by renovating the stables of the old country house, is an extremely sustainable undertaking in terms of energy sources, the raw materials chosen for the dishes offered, and the materials used for the furnishing and the rebuilding project itself.

All the restaurant’s outdoor paved areas and indoor floors were created with tiles from the Block 2.0 collection in Namur pattern.

The outdoor paving is highly innovative since new installation techniques were used to enable the filtration and drainage of water.

Specifically, this outdoor paving was installed in 3 stages:

  • Laying of a cement-base drainage screed
  • Installation of the pavers using a cement-base adhesive with high bonding power and deformability
  • Filling of the joints of 7-8 mm with polymeric sand

This incorporation of drainage in the outdoor paving means that water can be recovered and then reused with the aid of a system of underground tanks installed underneath.

It is a particularly innovative system, which achieved full efficiency in combination with the Block 2.0 collection of small-sized, high-strength pavers 2 cm thick, very attractive even if installed with wide joints.

Project category
Bar & Restaurant
Collections used
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Photographer: Lido Vannucchi

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