Black Forest Villa


This private home is in Germany, in the heart of the Black Forest.
It is a detached house on two floors, with a large outdoor area for eating and entertaining.
The veranda overlooking the extensive garden with pool contains a spa/sauna area, a shower room and a multi-purpose kitchen.

The outdoor pavings and pool with access steps, edges and bespoke grids were created with the 60×120 tiles of the Le Reverse stone-look collection, in the Dune Carved bush-hammered version.

The walls of the veranda were covered with the Muro 3D mosaic, while the kitchen and bathroom were finished with Elegance Taupe tiles with many bespoke pieces for the kitchen countertop, the washbasins, the bathroom niches, the shower tray and even the door, which is also clad with porcelain stoneware.

Part of the home’s outside wall with the large planters at its base was covered with Slavonia Baguette 3D tiles from the Les Bois wood-effect collection.

Project category
Collections used
dune elegancedune elegance
dune carveddune carved
Year of realisation


Partner: Armbruster Fliesen

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