Gerl Hotel

Wals-Siezenheim (Austria)


The Gerl Hotel is a 4-star hotel at Wals-Siezenheim, a town near Salzburg, in Austria.
The owners describe the project as “Naturally Urban”, a term which encapsulates the combination of the pristine natural surroundings of the location and the vibrant life typical of an urban area.

The hotel, renovated in 2020, has no fewer than 43 rooms, a large restaurant area, an indoor pool with Bio Sauna, a spa, a fitness centre and another outdoor pool with mountain-view garden.


The Carrière du Kronos collection in black Namur colour was used almost throughout the hotel.

The elegant patterning of the large sizes in Nobile version was alternated with the more rustic tiles of the Antique version, used for the two pools and other outdoor areas.

The bathrooms of the individual rooms, on the other hand, were finished with the Le Reverse stone-look collection, embellished with the Esagoni decorative tiles from the Prima Materia collection.

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