Hotel Hilton


The Hotel Hilton Garden Inn is a 4-star hotel with 136 rooms in total, located in San Giuliano Mestre just a few kilometres from Venice.
Kronos Ceramiche helped to create the hotel’s new spa area and wellness centre.
Various different collections were used for this structure located next to the main hotel building.

In the outdoor area the Woodside Oak collection was used for both the ventilated facade and the entrance patio.
The Prima Materia collection in the colour Cemento, with dry and adhesive installation, was used instead for the various pathways linking the main building and the wellness centre.

In the spa itself, the Prima Materia collection was used for the floor and for bespoke trim tiles for the pool and steps.
The walls, instead, were covered using the Rocks collection in the Porfido Multiplo version with its many sizes.

Building facades, Hotels, Wellness & SPA
Mestre Venezia (Italy)
Collections used
Prima Materia, Rocks, Wood Side
Year of realisation

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