QC Terme

Chamonix (France)


QC Terme spas and resorts is one of the leading companies in the wellness sector.
The wellness centre at Chamonix is located at the foot of Mont Blanc and boasts breathtaking views over the Bossons glacier.
A 3000 m² space where our products were chosen for both outdoor and indoor areas.

The use of porcelain stoneware in place of wood and real stone was certainly a bold decision by the artistic direction of QC Terme.

However, choosing a product that offers a realistic reproduction of the original along with easy cleaning and maintenance, anti-slip properties, excellent resistance to thermal shocks and easy sanitising and sterilising, was a winning move for the future.


The main product showcased in the Chamonix project is our Carrière du Kronos collection in the Namur colour.
The finely reproduced Belgian stone was used for nearly all the spaces and bespoke elements, creating unique reflections in the water, in keeping with the surrounding natural environment.

Some finishes and parts of the wellness areas feature two wood-look colours from the Les Bois collection: from light Slavonia to the dark Cobolo colour.

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