SPA & Relax Hotel Erika


The Belvita Erika is a 5-star Spa&Relax Hotel located in Tirol, near Merano in Trentino-South Tyrol (Italy), a location famous for its luxury spas.
It features an avant-garde 2000 m² wellness area , complete with 12 saunas and numerous indoor and outdoor pools, all created with Kronos products.

The customer and designer together decided on a stone-look tile that reproduces Belgian “pierre bleue”, a product with great character featuring distressed graphics and edges, and strong colour shade variations in the numerous versions.

The darker Namur colour was chosen for all areas of the spa, with both the small 2 cm size from the Block 2.0 collection and other available sizes of the Carrière du Kronos collection.
The only chromatic exception was reserved for the inside of the swimming pool, where the grey Gent shade was used to create a striking visual contrast with the surrounding darker tones.

The project was significant not only in terms of the tiles chosen, but also for the numerous made-to-measure design solutions required.
Steps, edges, grids and numerous trim tiles with unique processing were all designed and created by our K-LAB technical department.

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Wellness & SPA
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