Villa Biella

Biella (Italy)

This rectangular pool of 82 square metres was built in Biella, in Piedmont (Italy).
It is in the large garden of a private estate with a view of the Biella Alps, halfway between the main house and the guest annexe.
A hot tub almost 4 metres square, heated independently from the pool itself, was created on one of the two short sides.


The pool and hot tub were constructed with 60×120 tiles from the Le Reverse stone-look collection, in Nuit Carved structured variant with both natural and grip surfaces.
The lining of the hot tub, on the other hand, is in Trama Namur Mosaic from the Carrière du Kronos collection.

The construction of this pool required the creation of a large number of bespoke tiles.
These ranged from the L-shaped stairtreads to the demi bullnose pool edging tiles by way of the 45° miter pieces required to line the sloped bottom of the pool.

Project category
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Architect: Andrea Zorio
Partner: Preformati Italia

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