Update to the Rocks Collection

Update to the Rocks Collection
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The update to the Rocks catalogue is available.
This stone look porcelain stoneware collection is now presented with new graphics to embrace porphyry, designed to be perfectly suitable for both outdoor and indoor locations thanks to the wide range available, with 3 different surfaces (Naturale, Lux and Grip).

This new natural stone look proposal and the introduction of the new Silver White size 80×180 have further enriched the collection which is available on the new catalog with a novel graphic design.

In the last years the Rocks collection stood out for having been used in a several prestigious projects of Wellness&Spa

Thanks to the property of the porcelain stoneware and the high quality standard of non-slip surfaces, Porfido, Alta, Silver White and Silver Black are perfect for this type of structures where hygiene and security are essential features.  

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